Reminder: Less Than 80 Days Left in This Year’s UA Wellness Program

April 15, 2022

Don’t forget! The UA Wellness Program ends June 30 of this year and now is the time to check your points balance and see what you need to complete in order to be eligible for your wellness rebate. 

As you know, each participant of the University of Alaska Wellness Program must earn a total of 7 activity points and complete the online health risk assessment and a biometric screening by June 30th to be eligible for the $600 wellness rebate ($1200 if your covered spouse/FIP completes it too). To qualify for the high point raffle, participants must earn a total of 12 points.

If you have completed activities and you do not see them credited to your account, please reach out to your wellness coordinator, Victoria Carver, at to get that resolved.

To check the status of your points or participate in activities to earn more points, please log onto and check your Participation Summary. For any questions please email your dedicated program manager, Victoria Carver.