University Land Deficit

Board of Regents Resolution of Support for the University of Alaska Land Grant Conveyance -
January 18, 2021 - PDF

Lisa Murkowski, chairman of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee,  podcast on the UA land grant - Dec. 14, 2020 - LISTEN

Read a White Paper on UA's Land Grant history.

Land Grant deficit

The University of Alaska is a "land grant" university in name more than in fact. The university currently owns just 150, 700 acres of land, of which about 12,000 acres are used for educational or research facilities, with the remainder intended for investments or revenues. Only Delaware received a smaller land grant than Alaska. 

We estimate the University of Alaska is still owed approximately 360,000 acres of land from its historic entitlements. We're working with the state and federal government to try to bring final resolution to the university's land grant deficit.