The Next Generation Banner 9

Banner 9 Quick Tour Video - 11 minutes

The first section shows a different way to log-in. We will be using UA Single Sign On.

Getting Started Video

Reporting Issues

Having trouble or notice something different. Banner support contacts have not changed, go to your usual contact first or email Financial Systems at

What to Expect
Biggest Changes

For most of us, the biggest changes in Banner 9 will be in the keystrokes - those beloved short-cut keys - in the menu items and in the messages Banner is sending us. Muscle memory will make the first few days or weeks frustrating. We'll all be hitting Ctrl/Page Down which opens a new web page - not a new form block. We'll all be looking for the Options link - which is now a button called Related. The field placement may be different for various forms.  Most users find they need to scroll more to move around the form while using the search feature is easier.

We are be able to look at documentation right from the source page or find a name using "sounds like" phonetic searches. When searching lists, the choices change as we type more information in the search bar - making it easier to find.

Not Changing

Banner functionality is not changing. You will use the same forms to perform that same functions. The tables behind the scenes are the same. TOAD queries will work the same. 

Why Change

We often hear about the more modern look/feel of Banner 9. Along with that, Ellucian is working to create a more modern "back-end" so Ellucian and UA can customize our Banner experience more easily and quickly. They are updating UAOnline, adding more functionality over time and making some reports easier to read by allowing us to drill down from a summary to the transaction. This is Ellucian's first phase of modernization. Stay tuned.


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