Venturing forth at the Startup Frontier


Life in the Last Frontier has always required innovation. Few products, processes, or techniques are created with Arctic conditions in mind. Necessity is the mother of invention, and Alaskans have always found it necessary to adapt to the arctic. Much of this innovation has taken place within families or organizations and has not been shared with the larger community. Center ICE exists to change this.

The Center for Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship provides support to innovative Alaskans seeking to improve the lives of other Alaskans. Center ICE promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between diverse communities across the entire State. Center ICE is part of UAF which allows it to act as a bridge between the University of Alaska and the rest of the Alaskan community.  You do not need to be part of the University of Alaska to be part of Center ICE.

Center ICE offers funding, experiences, and public events. Funding allows innovators to grow their ideas into realities. Experiences expand knowledge and sharpen skills related to innovation and entrepreneurialism. Public events allow innovators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals while also expanding their knowledge base.

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