Venturing forth at the Startup Frontier
Alaska Center ICE logoAlaskans have always had a flair for innovation and problem-solving, embracing the most extreme conditions on earth. Today the University of Alaska is leading this effort, using technology to tackle global challenges in energy, climate, transportation, and more.
The Center for Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship provides a pathway for university researchers to turn their ideas into business success. Offering top-notch services, space, and programming, the mission of Center ICE is to help faculty and students commercialize their intellectual property, create spin-off companies, and get their products into the right hands, where they can change the world, whilst engaging with the broader Alaskan community to help develop a spirit of entrepreneurialism and innovation.
Center ICE offers funding, experiences, and memberships which provides teams with access to a network of mentors, professionals, investors and fellow entrepreneurs that can help you navigate the many steps to developing a startup.