It Starts With You
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What is Shaping Alaska's Future?

The Shaping Alaska's Future initiative is UA's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. The university is working to modernize, streamline and improve the university system by investing in areas of real need and eliminating barriers to student success. It is our map for negotiating the challenging terrain ahead, and it will guide decisions about people, programs and resources at UA for years to come.

How do we grow...

Student Achievement and Attainment

See how UA is growing Student Achievement and Attainment.

How do we engage in...

Productive Partnerships with Alaska’s Schools

UA is leading this conversation with K12 educators and policy makers throughout the state.

How do we create...

Productive Partnerships with Public Entities and Private Industries

UA is Alaska's workforce development training ground. Public entities and private industries are critical to the kinds of training our students receive.

How do we innovate...

Research & Development and Scholarship to Enhance Alaska’s Communities and Economic Growth

UA is the nation's first responder for Arctic research. Find out what the University of Alaska's research scientists are doing to sustain Alaska's communities and grow our state's economy through innovation.

How can we demonstrate...

Accountability to the People of Alaska

See how UA is building on a commitment of accountability to the people of Alaska by creating conditions for continuous improvement.

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