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Alaska EPSCoR improves Alaska's scientific capacity by engaging in research projects supported through National Science Foundation and state funds. The organization is engaged in a five-year project entitled "Alaska Adapting to Changing Environments," which examines the mechanisms by which communities adapt to environmental and social change. For more information please see the project's info sheet and Strategic Plan. Alaska EPSCoR also administers "The Modern Blanket Toss," a three-year educational project to excite high school students about science through experiments with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Trainor, Brinkman are newest EPSCoR hires


Alaska EPSCoR is pleased to announce the hire of its newest faculty members, Sarah Trainor and Todd Brinkman.

Trainor received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. She most recently served as a Research Assistant Professor at UAF with the International Arctic Research Center and the Institute of Northern Engineering, and was also director of the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy and of the Alaska Fire Science Consortium. Trainor joins the faculty of the UAF School of Natural Resources and Extension as an Assistant Professor of Social-Ecological Systems Sustainability.

Brinkman received his B.S. from Minnesota State, his M.S. from South Dakota State, and his Ph.D. from UAF, and most recently worked as a Research Assistant Professor with the Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning at UAF. He joins the faculty of the UAF Institute of Arctic Biology in a position focused on the human dimensions of wildlife management.

Trainor and Brinkman join the first two hires in EPSCoR’s current research project, UAS Assistant Professor of Forest Ecosystem Ecology Brian Buma and UAF Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Srijan Aggarwal.

Southeast Test Case video online

Berners Bay

We recently uploaded a new video to our YouTube site about the Southeast Test Case, which examines the social and ecological impacts of glacial recession in Berners Bay near Juneau.

In addition, we've also improved the audio and editing on the other videos on the site, which detail our Hike With the Scientists outreach activity; the 2013 and 2014 Western Alaska Interdiciplinary Science Conference events; EPSCoR's Augmented-Reality Sandbox; the Southcentral Test Case; and a 2013 workshop with the Global Human Ecodynamics Alliance.

EPSCoR data websites online

Alaska and the Geographic Information Network of Alaska have collaborated to build a series of "data portal" websites, designed to give easy access to data generated by or relevant to the current Alaska EPSCoR project.

The main data portal links through to data across the entire project. Other portals exist for the Southeast Test Case (a collaboration with the Southeast Alaska GIS LIbrary), the Southcentral Test Case, and the Northern Test Case (a collaboration with the North Slope Science Initiative.) These can all be visited via the toolbar at the top of this site.

2014 Annual Meeting dates set

Save the date! Alaska EPSCoR's 2014 Annual Meeting will take place October 9-10 at the Anchorage Hilton hotel. This year's event will feature expanded opportunities for people to collaborate within and across disciplines as well as more time for students to meet.

More information about the event will be forthcoming by the end of the month.

Program highlights

For more information

For more information on Alaska EPSCoR, please see the below documents:

The Alaska ACE Strategic Plan outlines Alaska EPSCoR's goals and methods for its current research project, which runs from 2012-17.

Members of the Alaska State Committee on Research provide oversight and direction to Alaska EPSCoR efforts. The committee is in the process of publishing a final version of the Alaska Science and Technology Plan, which prioritizes the state's S&T activities.

The 2014 External Evaluators' Report contains analysis and recommendations by EPSCoR external evaluators Julia Melkers and Eric Welch.

EPSCoR acknowledgement and logos

By our grant terms, any person receiving benefit from Alaska EPSCoR must acknowledge it in any publications, presentations, websites, newsletters, dissertations, theses, etc.

Please use the following language: "Acknowledgement to (or "Support from") Alaska EPSCoR NSF award #OIA-1208927 and the state of Alaska."

EPSCoR logos for use in posters and other presentations are available here as EPS, JPEG and TIFF files.

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