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UA's Wellness Program with Healthyroads

If you have any questions regarding the wellness program, please contact UAs on-site Wellness Manager from Healthyroads, Sara Rodewald.  She is available to assist with any wellness-related questions that may come-up!

Phone: 907-450-8203

Email: offers a Personal Health Assessment (PHA) to give you a personal scorecard for your current state of health.

You'll also find the current incentive program details, as well as access to health resources such as the coaching program, online classes, and extensive information on health conditions, medications, prevention topics and much more.

Biometric screening results, either from your doctor's office with the health care provider form (for current employees/spouses or new hires--those new to the plan), a Quest Diagnostic service center or an onsite screening, will be added to your scorecard to give you an up-to-date assessment of your state of health.  

Biometrics Screening Information

Campus Biometric Events

All campus events for FY18 have been scheduled and are open to make your appointment! Any employee, spouse/FIP who has not already completed a biometric screening for this year is able to participate. 
If you are unable to attend, there are also several other options for getting these completed--scroll below the campus events for that information. 
And lastly--be sure to check your Healthyroads account prior to signing-up! If you met the biometric outcomes with your FY17 biometric screening results, you are not required to complete a screening this year! (But if you still want to do it, you are welcome to do so!)

Please CLICK HERE to schedule your appointment
Returning users may access using previous username/password. Any new users will need to select 'Register Now' and follow instructions for setting-up your account.
     Registration Key= UOA1718
     Unique ID= First 3 letters of first name + Full last name + MMDD of DOB
*If you need assistance while accessing the system, please refer to THIS document or contact Sara (information at top of page)!

Prince William Sound College
When: Tuesday, February 20th, from 7:30am-11:30am
Where: Room 156

Mat-Su College
When: Wednesday, February 21st, from 8am-Noon
Where: JKB (Jalmar Kertulla Bldg), Room 108

UAA, Anchorage
When: Thursday, February 22nd, from 8am-Noon
Where: University Center (UC), Room 153

When: Friday, February 23rd, from 8am-Noon
Where: University Center (UC), Room 153

Kodiak College
When: Monday, February 26th, from 7:30am-11:30am
Where: Benny Benson, Room 106

Kenai Peninsula College
When: Tuesday, February 27th, from 8am-Noon
Where: Ward, Room 116

Kachemak Bay Campus
When: Wednesday, February 28th, from 8am-11am
Where: Bayview Hall, Room B104

Kuskokwim Campus
When: Thursday, March 1st, from 8am-11am
Where: Room 118

Bristol Bay Campus
When: Friday, March 2nd, from 8am-10:30am
Where: Applied Sciences Bldg, Nursing Lab

UAF, Fairbanks
When: Monday, March 5th, from 7am-Noon
Where: Butrovich, Room 109 (Board of Regents)

When: Tuesday, March 6th, from 7am-Noon
Where: Butrovich, Room 109 (Board of Regents)

UAS, Juneau
When: Wednesday, March 7th, from 8am-Noon
Where: Egan Library, Room 220

Sitka Campus
When: Thursday, March 8th, from 7am-10:30am
Where: Room 215

Ketchikan Campus
When: Friday, March 9th, from 7:30am-10:30am
Where: Paul Building, Room 515

 Quest Patient Service Center (PSC)

If you are located in Fairbanks or Anchorage, you have another option with BluePrint for Wellness. You can schedule an appointment with a PSC by going to

  • If you have used the site to schedule an appointment before, simply log-in with your previous username/password.
  • If this is the first time you've used this site, you will need to first enter the registration key UOA1718.
    • On the following screen your unique identifier will need entered, which is the FIRST 3 letters of your first name plus your FULL last name, then the first 4 digits of your birthdate in MMDD order (for example, George Clooney would enter geoclooney0506). 
  • If you are getting an error message, ensure your benefits are active and that the name you are using for your Unique ID matches exactly to what is listed within your benefits. If you continue to not be able to access the system, please either call Quest directly (855-623-9355), or contact Sara Rodewald at: or (907)450-8203. 
  • Schedule your screening at a date and time that works for you. An appointment MUST be made prior to showing-up. Walk-Ins will not be accepted! 

No Patient Service Center near you?

If you can't access a PSC and the onsite screenings don't work for you, you can schedule a wellness visit with your provider and request a routine blood work for your screening. A Health Care Provider form will need printed and taken with you to your appointment to be completed. Employees and spouses/FIPs who have been on the UA Choice Plan will utilize the 'Current employee/spouse UA Healthcare Provider Form'. Any employee, spouse/FIP NEW to the UA Choice Plan will utilize the 'New Hire to UA Healthcare Provider Form'. All instructions on how to complete and return is provided on the first page. 

Located near the Anchorage Campus?

The UAA Student Health & Counseling Center is available to provide biometric screenings for employees only, at this time. They will complete the biometrics and complete a healthcare provider form for you. Services will be billed to your health insurance. If you are seeking an annual preventive exam, please contact your healthcare provider.
Please call to make an appointment: 907-786-4040, and then select option 3 for scheduling. Or visit the site for more information:

FY2018 Incentive Design

NEW this year, your FY17 biometric results (5/1/16-4/30/17) will determine what is required to complete during FY18! Log-in to your Healthyroads account to view the details, but you will fall within one of the following scenarios: 

1. You completed the biometrics during FY17 and you meet at least 3 out of the 5 healthy biometric metrics provided. 
     --You ONLY need to complete the Personal Health Assessment (PHA). 

2. You completed biometrics during FY17, but your results did NOT fall within at least 3 out of the 5 healthy biometric metrics provided.
     --You will need to complete a Personal Health Assessment (PHA), Biometric Screening and earn 5 points (same as previous years!)

3. You did NOT complete biometrics during FY17 (5/1/16-4/30/17)
     --You will need to complete a Personal Health Assessment (PHA), Biometric Screening and earn 5 points. 

Successfully completing all wellness requirements during FY18 will mean that you will earn a $600 wellness rebate in FY19. The wellness rebate will be paid out to the employee (whoever carries the insurance) during a pay period in November 2018. Any employee, spouse/FIP currently on the UA Choice Plan is eligible to participate in the wellness and receive that rebate! 

Activity (5/1/17 - 4/30/18) Incentive Points Max Points Per Plan

Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

FY17 Biometric Outcomes (5/1/16 - 4/30/17)

Biometric Screening (5/1/17 - 4/30/18)

N/A - Required

1 credit

1 credit

N/A - Required

1 credit

1 credit

Earn at least 5 points by completing any combination of the following activities: 

FY17 Biometric Outcomes (5/1/16 - 4/30/17)

Activity utilizing Connected!

Tobacco Attestation

Complete a University-sponsored Healthyroads Challenge

Local Wellness Event Attestation

5 points

1 point max/month

1 point

1 point

1 point

5 points

4 points

1 point

2 points

1 point

  Education Opportunities: earn up to 4 points max through the following options:

Online Classes

On-Site Education Sessions

Healthyroads Lifestyle Coaching

1 point per 8 classes

1 point per session

2 points per 4 sessions

4 points

4 points

4 points

Routine Wellness Opportunities: earn up to 4 points max through the following options*: 

Annual Wellness Visit (Premera)

Dental Exam (Premera)

Vision Exam (VSP)

Adult Immunization Attestation

1 point

1 point

1 point

1 point

1 point

1 point

1 point

1 point

 *Data feeds are set-up to capture the following routine wellness opportunities automatically from Premera and VSP: Annual Wellness Visit, Dental Exam, Vision Exam. Please allow at least 30 days once your visit has processed through insurance before checking for your point(s). If you see any discrepencies, please contact Sara Rodewald: or (907)450-8203. 


Healthyroads Health Coaching Program

Interested in receiving additional help with your health and wellness goals?  Enroll in the Healthyroads health coaching program today!  The coaching program is FREE for anyone currently eligible for the wellness program (any employee, spouse or FIP currently on the UA Choice Plan) and is another resource to support you with your health goals. 

You may enroll online when logged-in to your Healthyroads account. Once logged-in, you will find the 'Coaching Program' page within the 'Health Resources' tab. If you don't wish to set-up your first session through the site, you may also call: 877-330-2746 to get enrolled. 

The coaching sessions are completed telephonically and you will be assigned a coach based on your program focus. You will then work directly with your coach to set-up additional sessions and to determine the best way to support you. Some individuals come into coaching with very specific goals and some just like the support aspect of it. Either way, your coach will work with you to figure that out and make the best use of your sessions! The program is meant to be interactive so come prepared to share as your coach guides you through the process. 

For additional information on the program, please see the health coaching overview presentation or contact Sara! 

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