Special Transportation Benefit

What travel benefits are available under the health plan? The UA Choice plans has two types of travel benefits.

  1. The Medical Travel Support benefit is allows you to travel with a companion to a preferred facility within the Premera Blue Cross network, with partial reimbursement for hotel and car rental. This benefit requires pre-authorization, and covers a large number of procedures. More information on the covered procedures and how to apply is available in the Medical Travel Support brochure. The claim form for this benefit is here.
  2. The other travel benefit is the original airfare reimbursement benefit, for care that is not available locally. This is called the Air to Surface Transportation benefit. If the medical services you need are not available in your community, travel is allowed to the nearest hospital or health care provider able to meet your needs. Transportation may be by air, ambulance, railroad or commercial airlines.

What does the benefit cover? Up to 3 round trip tickets to the nearest facility capable of treating your condition.

What if travel is necessary for a minor child? If you have a minor child age 17 or younger who needs medical treatment, airfare will be paid for one accompanying parent or guardian for each trip (3 round trips total).

How do I get reimbursed? To get reimbursed you must:

1. Complete a Premera Blue Cross claim form.

2. Include the date of travel and destination.

3. Attach your boarding passes and a receipt showing the cost of the flight.

4. Attach a letter of medical necessity from your physician.


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