Your Shot

Pictures by UA Statewide staff

I took this photo while playing disc golf in the beautiful Juneau rainforest. Photo by Monique Musick
We don't have any courses up here to prepare oneself for the challenge of this rainforest terrain. The white line is the tee box, the arrow indicates it's mandatory to stay to the right of that tree, and the basket itself is out of sight near the big gray tree in the far left background of this frame -- with tons of trees inbetween! It was a tough course to say the least. Photo by Monique Musick
It was a beautiful weekend playing the tournament and I am perfectly content with my solid last place finish. =D Photo by Monique Musick
Remember all that jelly I give away at Christmas? Here's how it starts! Photo (and berry picking) by Lisa Sporleder
A cloudy day in the woods beats a sunny day in the office. Photo by Lisa Sporleder
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