The Board of Regents approved a Resolution of Appreciation for Carla Beam who will be retiring from the university at the end of December. Photo by Monique Musick

News Stories - December 2015

  • Undergraduate research and scholarly opportunities provide uplifting stories at the UA Regents’ board meeting
  • Active Shooter Training Scenario prepares staff for emergency
  • Statewide Transformation Working Teams launched
  • 4th annual FSMI meeting highlights advancements in maritime training and workforce development programs

    Undergraduate research and scholarly opportunities provide uplifting stories at the UA Regents’ board meeting

    The FY17 budget was a major focus of both public testimony and board business during the two-day meeting of the University of Alaska Board of Regents in Fairbanks Dec. 10-11, but it was the individual student stories about their undergraduate research and academic excellence at the University of Alaska that stole the spotlight.

    During public testimony, more than 40 individuals and groups talked with the regents about topics ranging from support for programs that have influenced their UA experience to undergraduate research involving children researching how the natural environment impacts their world. Regents also heard about important work being done on Arctic issues and the upcoming Arctic Science Summit Week in March 2016 and from a number of parents on how technical education and other university opportunities have benefitted their students and adult children.

    “Our university system is focused on how to best serve Alaska, our nation and our world. From leading Arctic Research at UAF; economic and health research at UAA; environmental and marine sciences at UAS; UA students, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, are contributing to the future of Alaska and addressing the challenges and opportunities critical to our future,” said UA President Jim Johnsen.  MORE...

    Statewide Transformation Working Teams launched

    The six working teams commissioned to advance the Statewide Transformation Team’s recommendations held productive initial working sessions on December 3 and 4. This is an update on the initial meetings and what you can expect going forward.

    The teams began by focusing on the current organization and operations of their assigned functional areas. They reviewed their areas’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, the Transformation Team’s recommendations, and what other institutions are doing to address similar challenges. Team Leaders were identified to support communication efforts and to ensure effective coordination across the six teams.

    Team Leaders are as follows:

    • Finance: Myron Dosch, Sandi Culver
    • Academic Affairs & Research, University Relations, UA Foundation: Doug Goering
    • Technology: Martha Mason, Pat Shier
    • Administration: Jennifer Harris
    • Enterprise IT Management: Erin Holmes
    • Human Resources: Tara Ferguson

    The teams will meet in January and February to refine recommendations and develop implementation plans, with the final recommendations due to the President March 1. We will continue to update you on their progress.

    Active Shooter Training Scenario prepares staff for emergency

    The primary goal from the December 8 violent intruder event was to train employees to recognize and respond to a violent intruder in the Butrovich Building. The secondary goals were to determine if planning time could be reduced by producing a portable script, involving employees in the planning process and examining safety and risk issues as they appear. These goals were achieved.

    The outcomes were encouraging: not only was a building-wide awareness/discussion created, but staff welcomed the training and participated at many levels. Surveys returned identified opportunities for improvement. Thank you.  PHOTOS AND MORE....

    4th annual FSMI meeting highlights advancements in maritime training and workforce development programs

    The University of Alaska, industry and agency partners continue to collaborate to address maritime workforce training needs through UA’s Fisheries Seafood Maritime Initiative. The need for skilled employees is ongoing, with one in seven jobs in Alaska being maritime related. During the fourth annual FSMI meeting in Anchorage Oct. 21, state, university and industry leaders met to share program successes, discuss the FY15 UA Maritime Education and Training Inventory and consider challenges and opportunities before them as they continue to address Alaska’s maritime workforce needs.

    The University of Alaska is unique in its offerings of education and training programs for the maritime industry, with core programs ranging from vocational and technical training directly related to the maritime industry as well as bachelors and advanced education programs directly related to biology, logistics and oceanography. Almost 1,200 degrees were awarded to graduates in core maritime programs between 2010 and 2014.   MORE....

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