Wellness Phase 2: Q&A

Why do we have to do more this year?

The first phase of the program focused on getting baseline data and increasing members’ awareness of the state of their health. Some people who hadn’t had bloodwork done in years were surprised to see how high their cholesterol was. Many found out they had higher blood pressure than is considered normal.

This second phase of the program builds on that base and promotes important regular health maintenance activities: a regular dental exam, vision exam, flu shot or other adult immunization like shingles or pneumococcal pneumonia, and an annual wellness exam. Members can also get credit for being tobacco free, or participating in coaching programs or online classes offered by Healthyroads. Systemwide Wellness Challenges will give members even more opportunities to earn credit.

Employees and spouses/FIPs are encouraged to earn credits however it works best for them. The plan is flexible, offering choice while still encouraging healthy behaviors.

How do I sign up and what about my spouse?

An employee link on the benefits web site provides single-sign-on access to Healthyroads.com using employees’ username and password.

Spouses/FIPs (including employees who have waived coverage but are enrolled as a spouse or FIP of another employee) sign up directly at Healthyroads.com.

I just took the PHA a few months ago, why do I have to do it again?

The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) gives you a picture of your state of health and an action plan for how to address risks you may have. Ideally, your score will increase each year as you learn about and address impacts to your health, such as getting enough sleep or taking steps to reduce stress and increase physical activity.

How do we get credit for exams and immunizations?

We’ve arranged for a claims file feed directly from Premera and VSP to Healthyroads. The first file feed will capture claims data going back to July 1, 2014 and monthly file feeds will send ongoing claims information.

How do I get credit for my flu shot? I got it at work and didn’t file a claim.

The Healthyroads portal will allow you to attest to getting your shot. This will be live on the portal after November 15.

How do I get credit for my dental or vision exam I had this past summer?

The claims file feed from Premera and VSP will pull claims from July 1, 2014 forward.

How do I have my biometric screening done and sent to Healthyroads?

We’re giving employees/spouses three options:

1. You can have routine blood work (a key part of the biometric screening) done as part of a regular preventive health visit with your health care provider. Your doctor will send orders to a lab for the bloodwork. Give your doctor the Health Care Provider From (found on our web site, here: http://www.alaska.edu/benefits/ ) and ask them to fax the results to Healthyroads. The lab work should be covered as any other routine preventive exam, and the plan picks up 100% of allowable charges.

2. Alternatively, you can go to a Quest Patient Service Center (PSC) and have your biometric screening done there, and covered by the wellness program. Just go to my.blueprintforwellness.com, and use the university’s registration key of UOAremote. Follow the prompts to register for your screening at a time that works for you. (The PSCs will be closed from December 15 to January 15.)

3. Any on-site screenings will be covered through the wellness program (not the health plan), at no cost to the participant. We’ll be scheduling those, starting at the rural sites, beginning in January.

How will the rebate be paid?

The rebate will be paid out in FY16 just like the health care charges are taken from your pay: in bi-weekly increments. 12 month employees will get up to 26 "rebates," and less than 12 month employees will get up to 19. Employees who join the plan mid-year or leave before year end will have their rebate prorated for the time they’re on the plan.

What happens to my personal information after Healthyroads gets it? Is it shared with UA?

The results of your Personal Health Assessment and biometric screenings are kept on the Healthyroads portal. This is a secure site for your use that you can access whenever you want to. You can take the PHA again to track your progress, but you only need to do it once to complete the rebate requirements. Healthyroads only shares aggregate data with the university, such as how many employees and spouses completed each step, how many are in what risk category, what our top risk factors are as a population, etc. This information helps us gauge the success of our program, and what areas we might need to focus on to improve.

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