Wellness Rebate: How Will It Work?

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If you have completed your Personal Health Assessment at Healthyroads.com, and have had your biometric screening done by your doctor using the Health Care Provider Form, at an onsite screening or at a local Quest Patient Service Center by June 30, congratulations! You’ve not only taken a big step in increasing awareness of your state of health, you’ve also qualified for the wellness rebate that will be paid out in FY15.

The wellness rebate of $600 for you, and $600 for your spouse/FIP if they completed the PHA and screening, will be paid out in bi-weekly payments or “credits” on your paycheck just like you pay for health insurance. If you’re a 12-month employee, you’ll get 26 credits on your paychecks. If you’re a nine-month employee, you’ll get 19.

Because we had to extend the time to complete the PHA and screenings to June 30, we had to develop a plan to make sure those who did the activities get the rebate and still allow time for reporting and data entry. To do this, current employees who get a paycheck with a health care deduction for the first four paychecks of the fiscal year will get the rebate. If you did not do the wellness activities by June 30, your rebate will stop with the paycheck you get on Sept. 5, and you will not be eligible for another rebate until July 2015.

New hires after June 1 (whose coverage begins no sooner than July 1), will have 90 days to complete the PHA and biometric screening to qualify for the rebate.

The Joint Health Care Committee is looking at plan designs and options for the next phase of our wellness program. Look for news about the next chapter in UA wellness later this fall. In the meantime, we’ll be offering an activity challenge next month: Time To Move!

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