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College students shed traditional image
The Boston Globe

Of the more than 20 million students enrolled at thousands of two- and four-year colleges and universities across the nation, about 40 percent are older than 25, and more than a third attend classes part-time. Nearly 20 percent work full-time. About 60 percent enroll at four-year public and private schools, while the rest mostly attend community colleges or enroll at for-profit colleges.

Will new federal ratings of colleges and universities help or hurt?
Huffington Post

The Obama Administration recently proposed that the federal government rate colleges and universities based on access, affordability, and outcomes. However well-intentioned, the proposal could hurt the very institutions that excel in all three categories.

Education Dept. Names a New Key Player to Higher-Education Policy Team
Chronicle of Higher Education
By Charles Huckabee

September 23, 2013 -- Jamienne S. Studley, a former president of Skidmore College and a former top lawyer for the U.S. Department of Education, has been appointed as a deputy under secretary of education to help lead the department’s higher-education policy initiatives. Martha J. Kanter, the under secretary of education, announced the appointment on Friday in a letter to colleagues. Ms. Studley, who served as the department’s deputy and acting general counsel during the Clinton administration, will join another recently appointed deputy under secretary, Jeff Appel, in coordinating the department’s work to carry out President Obama’s ambitious plan to improve college performance in areas of access, affordability, and accountability, Ms. Kanter said in the letter.

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