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Communicate with Elive

Do you need to collaborate with colleagues outisde your local area?
Are you using Elluminate Live (Elive) to hold those meetings?
Would you like to learn more about what Elive can do?

Elive sessions feature the ability to talk over the Internet (with full, 2-way audio), exchange text messages, display live video, share whiteboards, multimedia files, and applications—all in one intuitive, graphical interface. Anything that you regularly do in a traditional meeting or classroom can be done in the Elluminate Live! collaboration environment.

On line training and handouts are available from the vendor at: http://www.elluminate.com/support/docs/9.0/moderator.jsp

Have you heard of Elive, but not used it yet?
The 11 August class offered by OIT Development and Training is an introduction to Elive.
Learn how to participate fully, and the basics of moderating an Elive conference.
See our Web Calendar to sign up: http://www.alaska.edu/oit/training/showEvent.xml?id=537&showDate=2009-08-24

OIT Training Schedule

Click here to download the August training schedule.

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