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Videoconference Services to Roll-out Desktop Videoconferencing

Beginning early this semester, OIT’s Videoconference Services Department will begin offering desktop videoconferencing.  Based on Vidyo’s conferencing technology, OIT will now have the ability to schedule desktop conferencing “rooms.” Multiple individuals can collaborate via video using their built in laptop camera or other specified desktop video camera.

This conferencing solution differs from others such as Skype and Google Video Chat in that conference rooms can contain up to 10 endpoints, are controlled locally and remain on the UA network , which improves video quality and manageability. The new video service will work on both Windows-based and Macintosh computers and has the ability to incorporate not only desktop cameras, but standard videoconference rooms into the conference.

VCS asks that this solution only be used when multiple participants are involved or when a remote user needs to be connected to a standard videoconference room. Point to point videoconferencing—two people talking to each other—should utilize the new Google Desktop Video Chat that will be available as soon as OIT launches Google Apps for Education to the university community.

VCS is currently in the process of establishing procedures for the request, standards for equipment and handouts for how-to and will make that information available during February on their website at:

Virus Update January 26, 2009

The virus that went through Statewide over Christmas break is getting under control.  Desktop Support has been rebuilding computers and returning them to users.  As a reminder, USB keys were also affected by this virus. Please DON’T plug in any USB keys that might have been affected.  If you are unsure about your key, the Help Desk or DSS can check your key for you.

UPDATE:  We are in the final processes of validating data and will start returning user data shortly! 

OIT Tip of the Month

UAA has upgraded Elluminate live (Elive).
We are now on version 8.5.

If you are presenting training, or taking it using Elive make sure you visit: http://www.elluminate.com/support/index.jsp to test your computer before the session.

You can also get current quick reference handouts and training at: http://www.elluminate.com/support/training/index.jsp

Make sure you select the links to Version 8.

Additional training is available through OIT training.

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