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 request to travel

Request to Travel

The traveler or traveler's delegate is required to submit a travel request for approval by the authorized approver prior to travel activity. If the request is submitted after the trip took place a justification needs to be provided. If the traveler is also the expenditure authority the request must be submitted to their supervisor for approval, unless the traveler is authorized to approve their own travel.
The traveler or delegate must gather estimates to capture travel costs.  Complete the request within Concur, keeping in mind UA regulations pertaining to required elements:
  • Time required for business travel
  • Estimated business expenses (e.g., lodging, transportation, meals)
  • Funding source
  • Business purpose – include the work that will be completed and why it needs to be completed.
  • Destination(s)
  • Appropriate approvals ‐ as defined in roles and responsibilities
  • Advance details – if applicable
  • Personal time – if applicable
  • Ethics due diligence
  • Export control compliance ‐ if applicable

Creating and Submitting a Request (travel authorization) in Concur

  1. Select Start a Request.
  2. Fill out all required fields marked in red on the Request Header tab.
  3. On the Segments tab, you will enter trip details and estimated amounts for each segment. The most common segments are Air, Car Rental, and Hotel.  Be sure to fill out the mandatory Trip Segment(s) expense even if you only have one destination.
  4. Select an expense category on the right and fill out all required fields. Repeat for each planned expense.  Once all fields are complete, verify all accounting information is correct.
  5. Click Submit Request for approval.
  6. If the Request is approved an email will generate to the traveler to finish the booking process.
 Visit the training library for further detailed instruction. 

booking travel

Booking Travel

UA Travel – Concur is a robust booking tool providing travelers and/or their delegates with Air, Rail, Car, and Hotel booking options.
  • Once the Request is approved, go to the UA Travel-Concur home screen and click Request to see a list of Active Requests.
  • Find the approved Request and click the Book link in the right status column. This will launch the booking tool with pre-populated Request information.
  • Simply enter dates and destination and Concur Travel will show preferred airlines, such as Alaska Airlines, offering the university negotiated discounts along with car rental partners and discount hotel rates.
  • Click to purchase based on your approved Request information.
Training videos and quick reference sheets are available in our training library on the following topics:  booking a flight, waitlists, using the flight search results, booking a hotel, booking a car, creating a report based on a trip and more.