Group Travel

Meals for group travel R05.02.060(9)(c)

1) One person is responsible for the meals and incidentals for a group.   

2) Reimbursement to the responsible person will be at actual cost or at an authorized M&IE rate.   

3) Supporting documentation such as a statement from group members is required.   

4) When group members are advanced cash by the responsible person in order to pay for their  own meals, individual receipts are not required; however, the responsible person is required to  submit a list of names identifying the amount provided to each group member and individually  signed by each member as backup documentation for such cash disbursements. 

One person (group leader) is responsible for the travel expenses for the group including meals and incidentals. There is only one Request and one Expense Report for the trip under the group leader.

Two methods to process group M&IE:

1.Submit the receipts for meals (not to exceed per diem) with a statement from the group members stating that all meals were provided.

2.The group leader provides a meal allowance (not to exceed per diem) and has each traveler sign for the money received. This then acts as a receipt for the group leader to be reimbursed.