Travel Request

Get Started

  1. The approver receives an email notifying them of a Request pending their approval
  2. Sign into Concur or click the link provided in the email
  3. Access pending approvals from either
    1. My Tasks: Required Approvals on the homepage dashboard or
    2. The Approvals module
  4. Select Requests to access documents pending approval
  5. Click on the Request Name to open the document

Hot Tip: For on-the-go approvers, the SAP Concur mobile app enables Default Approvers (e.g. supervisors) and Cost Object Approvers (e.g. PIs) to quickly approve trips even if you are away from the office.

Review & Approve

  1. Select the Request Header tab to view the trip purpose, dates, destination and funding source
  2. Select the Expense Summary tab to view the requested expenses and applicable allocations
  3. View additional information provided by the traveler or delegate
    1. Attachments: Check Documents – Documents attached to the Request (Reminder: A business-only cost comparison is required if there is personal time documented in the Request Header)
    2. Print/Email: UA-Copy of Request Printed Report – A summary report of the trip information, requested expenses and accounting information
  4. Once reviewed, select one of the following actions in the top-right:
    1. Send Back Request –If the Request needs corrections or is not approved, this sends it back to the traveler for correction and resubmission. Returning a Request requires a comment which is included in the email notification sent to the traveler and their delegate.
    2. Approve – Moves Request to the next step in the Approval Flow. If this is the final approval, Request is either given a status of “Pending on-line Booking” or “Approved.”
    3. Approve & Forward – Opens the Approval Flow to add an additional approver. Once added, select Approve.

Add an Approver

  1. Select “Approve & Forward” which opens the Approval Flow tab
  2. Under “User-Added Approver:” search for and select the additional approver
  3. The added approver now appears in the step after your approval
    1. Add more approvers using the blue “+” (hover over the icon to see if it adds a step before or after the selected approval step)
    2. Click the red “x” to remove an added approver
  4. Click "Approve"

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