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Specialty Series

Alaska Writer Laureate Series

1. For the Sake of the Light
Tom Sexton

2. The Rising and the Rain
John Straley

Classic Reprint Series

Edited by Eric Heyne

The Wake of the Unseen Object
Tom Kizzia

Hard Driving
Dermot Cole

Burning Daylight
Jack London

Edited by Terrence Cole

1. Arctic Village: A 1930's Portrait of Wiseman, Alaska
Robert Marshall

2. Exploration of Alaska, 1865-1900
Morgan Sherwood

3. Fifty Years Below Zero: A Lifetime of Adventure in the Far North
Charles D. Brower

4. The Thousand Mile War: World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians
Brian Garfield

5. Two Years in the Klondike and Alaskan Gold-Fields, 1896-1898
William B. Haskell
Out of print.

6. Across Arctic America: Narrative of the Fifth Thule Expedition
Knud Rasmussen

7. Noel Wien: Alaska Pioneer and Bush Pilot
Ira Harkey

8. Abandoned: The Story of the Greely Arctic Expedition, 1881-1884
Alden Todd

9. Two Women in the Klondike
Mary E. Hitchcock

10. Old Yukon: Tales, Trails and Trials
James Wickersham

Oral Biography Series

Edited by William Schneider

1. The Life I've Been Living

Moses Cruikshank

Recorded and compiled by William Schneider

2. Kusiq: An Eskimo Life History from the Arctic Coast of Alaska

Waldo Bodfish, Sr.

Recorded, compiled, and edited by William Schneider in collaboration with Leona Kisautaq Okakok and James Mumigana Nageak

3. With a Camera in My Hands: William O. Field, Pioneer Glaciologist

William O. Field

Recorded and edited by C Suzanne Brown

4. The Whales: They Give Themselves: Conversations with Harry Brower, Sr.

Recorded and edited by Karen Brewster

Rasmuson Library Historical Translation Series

Edited by Marvin Falk

Volume 1.        Holmberg’s Ethnographic Sketches by Heinrich Johan Holmberg. Edited by Marvin W. Falk; translated by Fritz Jaensch, 1985. Out of print.

Volume 2.         Tlingit Indians of Alaska  by Anatolii Kamenskii. Translated and introduction by Sergei Kan, 1985. Out of print.

Volume 3.        Bering’s Voyages: The Reports from Russia by Gerhard Friedrich Mϋller. Translated with commentary by Carol Urness, 1986.

Volume 4.        Russian Exploration in Southwest Alaska: The Travel Journals of Petr Korsakovskiy (1818) and Ivan Ya. Vasilev (1829). Edited and introduction by James VanStone; translated by David H. Kraus, 1988. Out of print.

Volume 5.        The Khlebnikov Archive: Unpublished Journal (1800-1837) and Travel Notes (1820, 1822, and 1824). Edited by Leonid Shur; translated by John Bisk, 1990. Out of print.

Volume 6.         The Great Russian Navigator, A. I. Chirikov by Vasilii A. Divin. Translated and annotated by Raymond H. Fisher, 1993.

Volume 7.          Journals of the Priest Ioann Veniaminov in Alaska, 1823 to 1836. Introduction and commentary by S. A. Mousalinas; translated by Jerome Kisslinger, 1993.

Volume 8.        To the Chukchi Peninsula and the Tlingit Indians 1881/1882: Journals and Letters by Aurel and Arthur Krause. Translated by Margot Krause McCaffrey, 1993.

Volume 9.         Essays on the Ethnography of Aleuts by R. G. Liapunova. Translated by Jerry Shelest with W. B. Workman and Lydia T. Black, 1996.

Volume 10.      Fedor Petrovich Litke by A. I. Alekseev. Edited by Katherine L. Arndt; translated by Serge LeComte, 1996.

Volume 11.      Grewingk’s Geology of Alaska and the Northwest Coast of America: Contributions toward Knowledge of the Orographic and Geognostic Condition of the North-West Coast of America, with the Adjacent Islands by Constantine Grewingk. Edited by Marvin W. Falk; translated by Fritz Jaensch, 2003.

Volume 12.      Steller’s History of Kamshatka: Collected Information Concerning the History of Kamshatka, Its Peoples, Their Manners, Names, Lifestyle, and Various Customary Practices by George Stellar. Translated by Margritt Engel and Karen Willmore, 2003.

Volume 13.       Through Orthodox Eyes: Russian Missionary Narrative of Travel to the Dena’ina and Ahtna, 1850s-1930s. Edited and introduction by Andri A. Znamenski, 2003.

Volume 14.       Until Death Do Us Part: The Letters and Travels of Anna and Vitus Bering by Peter Ulf Møller and Natasha Okhotina Lind. Translated by Anna Halager, 2009.

Volume 15.       Natalia Shelikhova: Russian Oligarch of Alaska Commerce. Edited and translated by Dawn Lea Black and Alexander Yu. Petrov, 2010.

Volume 16.       Seventeen Years in Alaska: A Depiction of Life Among the Indians of the Yakutat. By Albin Johnson. Edited and translated by Mary Ehrlander. 

Volume 17.      Exploring and Mapping Alaska: The Russian America Era, 1741-1867. Alexey Postinikov and Marvin Falk. Translated by Lydia Black. 

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