Tanana and Chandalar

The Alaska Field Journals of Robert A. McKennan

By Mishler, Craig (editor)
      Simeone, William E. (editor)

6 x 9, 304 pages, black and white photos, maps, index

Format: Cloth

Price: $45.00

Published: 2006

Robert A. McKennan (1903-1982) spent 1929 to 1933 in several remote Native villages where he documented Interior Athabaskan life. His writings are an extraordinary window onto Athabaskan culture before World War II and form a significant part of anthropology's humanistic tradition.

Editors Mishler and Simeone have annotated McKennan's journals and provided a wealth of contextual material in two substantive introductory chapters. Readers will appreciate this rare perspective on a vanishing way of life.


"A vivid picture of a dedicated ethnographer . . . highly recommended."
Edward Hosley, Arctic