Point Hope

Life on Frozen Water

By Foote, Berit Arnestad

208 Pages, 9.8 x 11, 192 photos, 1 map

Format: Cloth

Price: $65.00

Published: 2009

This book is a window to the daily life and the environment of the TikiGaghmiut, the Iñupiaq people of Point Hope, Alaska, as seen in photographs taken by young Norwegian artist Berit Arnestad Foote in 1959–62. Old photographs often have their own magic and can take one on a journey, mental or even physical, to the past. In Don and Berit Foote’s days in Point Hope fifty years ago, the ice covered the sea in October and did not clear until July. During their three-year stay in Point Hope, Berit was surrounded by the ice most of the time. In recent years, the Arctic ice has been changing rapidly, and so are people’s life in TikiGaq–Point Hope and across the North. This book, the work of an artist, provides powerful documentation on how profoundly the entire fabric of community’s life and culture is affected by the ice that surrounds it.