A Guide to the Frozen Ground in Transition

By Davis, Neil

6 x 9, 368 pages, color and black and white illustrations, maps, appendices, glossary, bibliography, index

Format: Cloth

Price: $35.95

Published: 2001

Neil Davis brings his unusual talent for communicating scientific concepts in an engaging and readable style to the topic of permafrost, the process of annual freezing and thawing that covers half of the land in the northern hemisphere. The consequences of the soil's fluctuating state affects everything from the stability of road surfaces to wildlife and human habitats, yet this critically important process is rarely discussed in language accessible to range of people it affects. Intended for a broad audience, Davis' prose will entertain everyone from scientists and engineers to students and interested northern residents: it belongs in the library of anyone with more than a passing interest in the colder regions of the world.


"[A] fascinating and instructive resource."
Polar Record

"[D]eserves to be on the library shelf of anyone interested in the topic."
Journal of Glaciology

"Overall, this is an outstanding introductory book on seasonally frozen ground and permafrost for a broad audience. It is also an excellent reference book for students, permafrost scientists and engineers, and professionals in earth and environmental sciences. It provides a valuable orientation to motivate students who are contemplating careers in permafrost studies. It also appeals to social scientists and environmentalists studying northern regions and the effects of permafrost on society as a whole. Furthermore, this volume is well printed and illustrated."
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research