Once Upon an Eskimo Time


By Wilder, Edna

6 x 9,185 pages

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Published: 1987

In Once Upon an Eskimo Time, Edna Wilder retells a year in her Eskimo mother's life. Wilder's mother, Minnie Nedercook, grew up in the village of Rocky Point and didn't see a white man until she was in her early teens. Wilder eloquently captures the oral storytelling traditions of her people and employs descriptions of the weather and harsh climates of Alaska's Norton Sound to illustrate the hardiness of her mother's spirit. Family values, subsistence living, and the cycles of life form a narrative that captures the now-vanished lifestyle along the Bering Sea.

Edna Wilder was born in Bluff, Alaska, at that time a small mining community just northwest of Rocky Point, where this story takes place. She is the daughter of the late Minnie Nedercook and Arthur Samuel Tucker. This is Edna Wilder's second book. Her first, Secrets of Eskimo Skin Sewing, is available from the University of Alaska Press. The sequel to this book, The Eskimo Girl and the Englishman, was published by the University of Alaska Press in 2007.