Notes on Russian America

Part II-V: Kad'iak, Unalashka, Atkha, The Pribylovs

By Khlebnikov, Kiril Timofeevich
        Liapunova, R. G.
        Fedorova, Svetlana G. (compiler)
        Ramsay, Marina (transcriber)
        Pierce, Richard A. (editor)

6 x 9

Format: Cloth

Price: $130.00

Published: 1994, Alaska History Series, no. 42

K.T. Khlebnikov's Notes on America is an encyclopedic description of Russian America in the first third of the nineteenth century. This aspect of the Notes comes from the fact that Khlebnikov dedicated his entire life to the service of the Russian-American Company, first in Siberia and on Kamchatka and then in the company holdings on the Aleutian Islands and the North American mainland-in Alaska and Upper California. His manuscript demonstrates Khlebnikov's historical significance.