Longest Story Ever Told - The

Qayak the Magical Man

By Brown, Emily Ivanoff (Ticasuk)

6 x 9, 88 pages

Format: Paper

Price: $19.95

Published: 1981

Eskimo elders consider Qayaq to be the oldest of legends in Inupiaq folklore. The son of shamanic parents, Qayaq was born to the task of discovering his brothers' killer and avenging their deaths. He travels widely on this quest and, imbued with magical powers, he takes animal form while battling the many destructive characters that populate his world.

Emily Ivanoff Brown, or Ticasuk, was born in 1904 and was an elementary school teacher who spent her life collecting Native oral histories. Ticasuk's stories are a window into another time, offering a special view of the thousands of years of her ancestors' culture. She is also the author of Tales of Ticasuk (University of Alaska Press, 1987).