Land Beyond - The

A Memoir

By Ives, Jack D.

228 pages, 6 x9, b&w and color photos

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Published: 2010

Geographer Jack Ives moved to Canada in 1954, and soon after he played an instrumental role in the establishment of the McGill Sub-Arctic Research Laboratory in central Labrador-Ungava. This fascinating account of his fifty-plus years living and working in the Arctic is simultaneously a light-hearted, winning memoir and a call to action on the issues of environmental awareness and conservation that are inextricably intertwined with life in the north. Mixing personal impressions of key figures of the postwar scientific boom with the intellectual drama of field research, this book is a memorable depiction of a life in science.

Jack Ives emigrated to Canada in 1954 and completed his doctorate at McGill University (1956). His research in Labrador-Ungava served as the foundation of his career and several of his former graduate students have remained close associates throughout his life. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship, tenable at Bern University, Switzerland (1976-1977) and a commendation from the Governor of Colorado for contributions to the State’s environmental well-being. After 1979 he coordinated for United Nations University a large mountain research program (1979 to 2000), centered on the Himalaya, Central Asia, and the Andes. His efforts were pivotal for the inclusion of a Mountain chapter in AGENDA 21 during the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit. He was awarded the King Albert I Gold Medal in 2002; in 2006 the Patron’s Medal of the Royal Geographical Society; and in 2007 the President of Iceland presented him with the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Falcon. He has published over 150 papers.