Iñupiaq Ethnohistory

Selected Essays

By Burch Jr, Ernest S.
        Hill, Erica (ed.)

360 p., 7 x 10

Format: Paper

Price: $35.00

Published: 2013

It took more than a century for colonialism to reach Alaska after the first Europeans set foot in what would become the continental United States. For the Iñupiaq settled at the very top of the world, their complex society remained unknown and undisturbed longer than many other Native tribes in America. Ernest S. Burch, Jr., dedicated most of his life and career to understanding this precolonial period and the lives of the Natives of Northwest Alaska. Iñupiaq Ethnohistoryfinally collects in one place Burch’s critical research in this area, bringing to light work that had once been buried in scholarly books or scattered across journals. It is a fascinating and accessible window into a now-vanished world.