Inuit Language in Inuit Communities in Canada - The

Full-color map

By Sontag, Natascha

24 x 36, full color with explanatory text

Format: Folded

Price: $16.95

Published: November 2006

This full-color map of northern Canada outlines each region where an Inuit dialect or subdialect is spoken. From Labrador in the east to Banks Island and the northern Yukon, this map gives the names of major settlements in English and syllabics. An accompanying table details the language retention rates in each community shown on the map. Arrows indicate how communities have moved over time, while a descriptive text explains the syllabic system, gives examples of how subdialects developed, and provides suggestions for additional reading.

This map is an excellent companion to the Alaska Native Language Center map "Native Peoples and Languages of Alaska." Together, these maps provide a comprehensive overview of native languages in northern North America with color and descriptions that will appeal to students, educators, and anyone interested in the rich linguistic heritage of the North.