History and Ethnohistory of the Aleutians East Borough - The


By Black, Lydia T.
       McGovern, Sarah

8.5 x 11, 396 pages, illustrations, maps, appendices

Format: Cloth

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Published: 1999, Alaska History Series, no. 49

An ethnohistory of the eastern Aleutian Islands, including Unimak Island, the Shumagins, the Sanak Islands, and the Alaska Peninsula. Chapters include:

  • Introduction by Lydia T. Black
  • Aleutians East Borough: An Ethnohistorical Summary by Lydia T. Black
  • Akutanax: The Krenitzin Islands and Akutan from Prehistory to 1867 by Lydia T. Black
  • The Modern Village of Akutan: 1878 to Present by Sarah McGowan
  • Sanak by Lydia T. Black
  • Belkofski: 1824-1898 by Lydia T. Black and Natalia Taksami
  • King Cove by Lydia T. Black and Jerry Jacka
  • Unga: The People and the Community by Lydia T. Black
  • Sand Point by Jerry Jacka and Lydia T. Black
  • False Pass: An Ethnography by Lydia T. Black and Jerry Jacka
  • Nelson Lagoon by Lydia T. Black and Jerry Jacka
  • Cold Bay by Miranda Wright
  • The Lost Village of Pavlovskoe by Lydia T. Black
  • Fishing by Jerry Jacka
  • Fox Farming: A History of the Industry in the American Period by Sarah McGowan
  • The Sea Otter Industry in the Eastern Aleutians, 1867-1911 by Miranda Wright
  • Commercial Whaling at Akutan by Sarah McGowan
  • Unga Coal and Gold Mining by Natalia Taksami
  • War Comes to the Aleutians by Miranda Wright
  • Appendices / Bibliography / Endnotes