Flight of the Golden Plover

The Amazing Migration Between Hawaii and Alaska

By Miller, Debbie S.
       Van Zyle, Daniel (Illustrator)

32 pgs, 10 x 8 5/8, color illustrations

Format: Paper 

Price: $11.95

Published: 2011

The remarkable story of the golden plover’s annual migration, this beautifully illustrated nature title for young readers sees the small but mighty plover embark on a six-thousand-mile flight between the frozen Alaska tundra and gentle grassy slopes of the Hawaiian Islands. Equally at home in his two very different habitats, the once-endangered golden plover has evolved many behaviors and adaptations that make it perfectly well-suited to each of its homes, and this book contains many fascinating facts about them. Readers are also introduced to the plover’s neighbors and friends—from the giant Hawaiian goose, or nene, to the musk ox, grizzly bear, arctic fox, and sandhill crane.


"This is beautiful book in every possible way, with an incredible story to tell of bird migration. It is wonderfully informative, explaining the differences between the birds’ lives when in Hawaii and Alaska, and includes a pronunciation guide, a decorative map of the route, and detailed factual information. . . . A worthwhile addition to any library, institutional or personal."
CM Magazine

"This book takes the reader on this incredible journey from start to finish—one of the world’s longest over–water migrations. . . . A wonderful addition to any elementary teacher’s library."
National Science Teachers Association