Comparative Eskimo Dictionary With Aleut Cognates

Second Edition

By Fortescue, Michael
       Jacobson, Steven

8.5 x 11

Format: Paper 

Price: $60.00

Published: 2011

An updated and comprehensive reference to the Aleut-Eskimo languages spoken from the northeastern tip of Siberia all the way east to Greenland, this easy-to-use volume groups related words from the modern Eskimo languages in comparative sets with their English equivalents. In total, ten dialects are covered—including five Inuit dialect groups, four Yup'ik languages, and Sirenikski—with Aleut cognates provided when possible. Separate sections are devoted to a grammatical overview, including demonstratives, inflectional endings, and derivational suffixes. Indices with both standard Eskimo spellings and English glosses enhance the usefulness of this volume.