Billy McCarty Sr. - Ruby

A Biography

By Yarber, Yvonne (editor)
       Madison, Curt (editor)

11 x 8.5, 72 pages, index

Format: Paper 

Price: $8.95

Published: 1983


"After I got married I worked for myself mostly. Self-employed. Trapping, cutting, wood, fishing. I hardly worked for wages at all since I got married. We boarded dogs at our fish camp. One summer we had 120 dogs. Gee, there were lots of noise up there in the evening when meal comes on. I cooked in drums. No problem for me when I was young.

"Living is different altogether than life thirty-five or forty years ago. Everything is changed. We old fellows, we can notice the change in the world. I just can't cope. Especially when I went blind. . . . I just can't keep up with the trend of life."