Arctic Sanctuary

Images of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

By Jones, Jeff
Hoyle, Laurie

184 pages, 156 color plates, 14 x 9

Format: Cloth

Price: $55.00 

Published: 2010

Guided by photographer Jeff Jones’s sure vision, Arctic Sanctuary leads the reader on a remarkable journey that few of us will ever take in real life: a trek deep into Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. By turns celebratory and contemplative, emotionally evocative and beautifully fierce, this collection of lyrical essays and stunning panoramic photographs pays homage to a vast and remote land that remains untamed by technology and undisturbed by human development.

In Jeff Jones’s masterly landscapes of the Arctic I find a majestic peace and a powerful call to action to protect this sanctuary of wildlife and wildness. This book beautifully showcases a pristine land caught in the crosshairs of the greatest of human calamities, including global climate change and the grim search for energy resources.

—Art Wolfe, photographer and host of public television’s Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge

Jeff Jones has an exceptional talent for capturing ‘big sky’ landscapes. . . . Accompanied by informative and easy-to-read text that describes the images and the region written by Laurie Hoyle, this is a book you can read, savor and enjoy again and again. Arctic Sanctuary: Images of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge published by the University of Alaska Press is a visual delight and a book I can highly recommend to nature lovers, landscape photographers and those who care about the environment.

—Rick Braveheart, Great American Landscape

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