Alaskan Shipping - 1867-1878

Arrivals and Departures at the Port of Sitka

By Pierce, Richard A. (compiler)

6.5 x 10, 64 pages, illustrations

Format: Paper

Price: $5.95

Published: 1972, Alaska History Series, no. 1

Ships play a vital role in the early history of Alaska. Throughout the Russian era, and later under American rule, ships were the sole link of an isolated colony with the outside world. They brought news, personnel and supplies, and took away word of local developments, departing personnel, and the skins, fish, and other products of the region.

This work is based on a list kept by collectors of customs at Sitka in the 19th century and now in the U.S. National Archives in Washington, D.C. Information includes date, name and type of ship, records of damage, and the port to which each vessel was heading.