Book Detail





by Todd, Alden


Across Arctic America

by Rasmussen, Knud


Across the Shaman's River

by Henry, Daniel


Ahtna Travel Narratives

by McKinley, Jim
      Stickwan, Frank
     Tansy, Jake
     John, Katie
     Sanford, Adam


Akulmiut Neqait

by Rienup-Riordan, Ann


Al Wright - Minto

by Yarber, Yvonne (editor)
     Madison, Curt (editor)


Alaska at 50

by Kimura, G. W. (editor)


Alaska at War

by Chandonnet, Fern (editor)


Alaska Codfish Chronicle

by Mackovjak, James


Alaska Constitution, The


Alaska Eskimo Footwear

by Oakes, Jill
     Riewe, Rick


Alaska in the Progressive Age

by Alton, Thomas


Alaska Native Art

by Fair, Susan W.


Alaska Native Cultures and Issues

by Roderick, Libby (editor)


Alaska Native Education

by Barnhardt, Ray (editor)
     Kawagley, Angayuqaq Oscar (editor)


Alaska Native Games and How to Play Them

by Brown, Tricia Nuyaqik
     Spiess, Joni Kitmiiq
     Corral, Roy (photographer)


Alaska Natives and American Laws

by Case, David S.
     Voluck, David A.


Alaska on the Go

by Kirkland, Erin


Alaska on the Go: Exploring the Marine Highway With Children

by Kirkland, Erin


Alaska Politics and Public Policy

by Thomas, Clive S.
     Savatgy, Laura C.
     Klimovich, Kristina


Alaska Science Nuggets

by Davis, Neil


Alaska Travel Journal of Archibald Menzies 1793-1794 -The

by Olson, Wallace


Alaska Trees and Shrubs

by Viereck, Leslie A.
     Little Jr, Elbert L.


Alaska's Constitutional Convention

by Fischer, Victor


Alaska's Greatest Outdoor Legends

by Kelly, Doug


Alaska's Hidden Wars

by Hays Jr, Otis


Alaska's Search for a Killer

by Meredith, Susan
     Gair, Kitty
     Schwinge, Elaine


Alaska-Klondike Diary of Elizabeth Robins, 1900

by Moessner, Victoria (editor)
     Gates, Joanne E. (editor)


Alaskan Eskimo Life in the 1890s

by Phebus Jr, George


Alaskan Shipping - 1867-1878

by Pierce, Richard A. (compiler)


Aleut Art

by Black, Lydia T.


Aleutian Echoes

by Bradley, Charles C.


Aleutian Ethnography - An

by Turner, Lucien M.
     Hudson, Raymond L. (editor)


Aleutian Islands of Alaska - The

by Wilson, Kenneth (editor)
     Richardson, Jeff (editor)


All That Glitters

by Jones, Ed
     Jones, Star


Altona Brown - Ruby

by Yarber, Yvonne (editor)
     Madison, Curt (editor)


Alutiiq Villages Under Russian and U.S. Rule

by Luehrmann, Sonja


Alutiit/Sugpiat - The

by Berezkin, Yuri E. (editor)
     Fields, Lois (transcriber)
     Arndt, Katherine (transcriber)


Among Wolves

by Haber, Gordon
     Holleman, Marybeth


Apun: The Arctic Snow

by Sturm, Matthew


Apun: The Arctic Snow Teacher's Guide

by Sturm, Matthew


Archaeology of North Pacific Fisheries - The

by Moss, Madonna (editor)
     Cannon, Aubrey


Arctic Sanctuary

by Jones, Jeff
     Hoyle, Laurie


Arctic Village

by Marshall, Robert


Armor & Ornament

by Miles, Christopher Lee


Art and Eskimo Power

by Morgan, Lael


Artists Behind the Work - The

by Fienup-Riordan, Ann
     Johnson, Sophie M.
     McNamara, Katharine
     Moore, Sharon D.
     Smythe, Charles
     Worl, Rosita


Attu Boy

by Golodoff, Nick
     Mason, Rachel (editor)


Aurora Watcher's Handbook - The

by Davis, Neil