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Transfer Survey

The University of Alaska welcomes students with academic credits from other regionally accredited colleges and universities. We are committed to making the transition from another institution as seamless as possible. If you wish to give us feedback, please complete the Transfer Student Feedback form.

Thank you for your feedback on your transfer experiences. The information you provided will be helpful for us to continuously improve the services offered to students. If you have additional comments or questions please contact us at or 1-888-450-8140.


Supplying your name and UA ID is optional, but it will allow us to assist you more efficiently if you have specific questions.


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What is your highest level of graduation?

You are transferring from a:

Your previous college was a:

Were you able to find the University of Alaska transfer information easily?

Was the information you accessed helpful to you?

Did you find transferring your courses/credits to the University of Alaska:

Did all of your classes transfer as you expected?

After you were admitted to a degree program, how long was it before you received notice from the university of the credits that could successfully transfer?

Would you like us to contact you regarding your responses above?

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