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Get Connected to Make the Most of Your College Years


Find a club that interests you – or create your own.

Each campus has a variety of groups and clubs. They are great places to meet people that share your interests or your passions. Whether you like being a leader, have a heart for art, love the outdoors or want to play – there’s a club for you. In fact the UA system has more than 100 clubs.


Getting involved is shown to increase the probability of graduation.

It’s easier to keep your momentum when you’re surrounded by other students working through the same struggles, following the same class/study routine and have the same goals for graduation. Besides camaraderie, supportive groups provide a network that will help you find answers and solve problems.


If you have to work; try to find a job on campus.

The more aspects of your life that are off-campus can make it more difficult to graduate on time. Full-time enrollment increases the probability of graduating on time. The trick is to balance important life aspects, like family or work, with your life as a student.


Find a study group – or create your own.

For some people, it's easier to study with a group of peers. There are organized study groups, groups developed in class or in the dorms and those that meet in the library.


College friends now can become professional colleagues later.

The friends you make in college often share similar interests and career paths. These relationships may increase the likelihood that you will be able to follow your chosen career path even more successfully after graduation.

Organizations & Clubs

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