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Junior Checklist


Junior Year Career Short List

  • Consider going on a National Student Exchange or Study Abroad. It's easier than you think but it takes time - so apply now.
  • Develop a working relationship with at least three faculty members. These individuals will be invaluable when you need letters of recommendation in the future.
  • Develop a list of employers in your field and collect literature on these employers.
  • Start thinking about meaningful summer jobs that offer great work experience and look good on your resume.
  • Interview individuals doing work of interest to you. Consider shadowing different professions that interest you.
  • Look for opportunities to attend events featuring employers such as career fairs, campus organizations and employer information meetings sponsored by Career Services, your college or your department.
  • Apply for a career-related job, internship or community service.
  • If considering graduate or professional school:
    • Begin researching possible schools. Ask professors in that field if they have recommendations.
    • Study for appropriate entrance exams and set a date to take exams (leave time for the possibility of retaking the exam in time to submit it to schools).
    • Meet with an academic advisor or Career Services career counselor.
    • Begin working on your personal statement; seek out a faculty member you trust or the writing center to offer advice on improvements.
    • Take the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) or other required entrance exams.

Standard Things to Do

  • Meet with your academic advisor before November and April registration to monitor your progress toward graduation.
  • Make a two year academic plan if possible. Some courses are only offered in the fall or spring plan accordingly!
  • Enroll in at least 15 credits each semester.
  • Check out Careers at UA for on-campus part-time student jobs (
  • Study groups become increasingly more important in your Junior/Senior year. Find or create them for your toughest classes.
  • By February 15th apply for scholarships at UAOnline and complete your FAFSA.
  • In the first week of the semester, gather all your syllabi and enter dates for all papers, projects, tests and finals in a weekly planning calendar.
  • Attending classes increases your GPA.
  • Consider a leadership role in your campus clubs or organizations - it's a real resume booster.
  • If you are considering changing your major or adding a minor, contact your academic advisor to determine the additional time you will need in school. Contact career services to compare career options.
  • Log in to UAOnline and look under DegreeWorks to check out your progress completing your degree.
  • Use the Writing Center for papers, resumes, cover-letters and lab reports.

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