Stay On Track

Freshman Checklist


The Short List

  • Explore majors to find the right fit. Talk with family, friends, your advisor, faculty, career services, and students in your classes.
  • Attend New Student Orientation.
  • Create a connection with your academic advisor.
  • Meet everyone on your residence hall floor. This is an easy place to make new friends, find study partners and get connected with groups on campus.
  • Find your ideal study place.
  • Visit study services offered on campus. Meet people at the writing center, math lab, accounting lab, or tutoring programs.
  • Get to know your professors.
  • Go to a campus club or group meeting. Get involved, but keep school the priority.

The More Complete List

  • Meet with your academic advisor. Ask about courses you need to take this year and when they are offered. Some courses are only offered in the fall or spring plan accordingly.
  • Enroll in at least 15 credits each semester or take 30 credits each year.
  • Go to class.
  • Plan to study 25-40 hours per week. Schedule study time.
  • Build a single calendar of due dates based on the class syllabus.
  • Bookmark for free, live on-line tutoring.
  • Check out Careers at UA for on campus part-time student jobs (
  • Join or create study groups for your classes.
  • By February 15th apply for scholarships at UAOnline and complete the FAFSA for financial aid.
  • Make advising appointments in October and March so you're ready to register for classes on time.
  • Log into UAOnline look under DegreeWorks to check out your progress towards completing your degree.

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