Stay On Track

Can you complete an associate degree in two years? A bachelor's degree in four years? Yes.


Stay On Track will show you how.

The goal is to encourage you to make conscious choices about your education. This is more than choosing classes every semester; it's about building a plan to get through college faster and at less cost.


It's about Staying On Track

We provide: direct links to tools, advice from those working to graduate in four years, and suggestions for keeping yourself on track.


Access to Tools

All the tools on this site have been gathered into a single toolbox for your reference. Access all the links and resources in one place HERE.


We remind you that 15 credits a semester or 30 credits a year is the "real" full time.

At UA, an associate degree requires at least 60 credit hours and a bachelor's degree requires at least 120 credit hours. You need at least 30 credits per year to graduate on time. But, it's not enough just to take 15 credits per semester. They need to be credits that move you toward your degree. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore a number of different subjects.


We share proven techniques for getting the most out of your college experience.

We'll show you how planning ahead, talking to experts and exploring a variety of subjects can help you take control and get the most out of your college experience. Besides choosing majors and courses, we share how others are experiencing college. From getting involved, to going overseas, there are many ways to enjoy college and graduate in a timely fashion.


Alaska Performance Scholarship

Alaska Performance Scholarship recipients are required to complete 30 semester credits a year during their second and subsequent years of college to retain their full-time award.


Class Standing

Freshman status = up to 30 credits
Sophomore status = 31-60 credits
Junior status = 61-90 credits
Graduation = 120-155 credits

You must take a minimum of 30 credit hours per year to remain on track to an on time graduation.

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