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Student Accident Insurance


General Information

Student accident insurance coverage is available, upon request, to University of Alaska students by direct application to our insurance carrier for this type of coverage. This insurance covers accidental injuries occurring during the insured period but does NOT cover personal health or sickness. The coverage is excess to other insurance available to the student.   In other words, this insurance policy will cover expenses after other policies an injured student may qualify for under the student's personal insurance, spouse's insurance, or parent's insurance have been exhausted . 


Eligible Programs

Coverage is only available for University of Alaska programs that are:

  • University scheduled;
  • University sponsored; and
  • University supervised (by UA staff member)


Print out the Student Accident Insurance Brochure  which describes the general terms and conditions of the policy and contact information.  A brochure needs to be given to or made available to all students who have enrolled for coverage .


Cost of Insurance

Premiums vary depending upon the type of activity in which the student is participating as described on the application form by the student or department.   Current premium rates are shown below.


Please classify accurately. Errors in classification can result in denial of claims.



Low Hazard Trips— Indoor classroom activities, seminars, tours, field trips, etc. $1.20 per  Day 
Hazardous Trips­—Outdoor activities, climbing, mountain climbing, camping, boating, sports etc. (Does NOT include Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage)    $2.60 per  Day 
Hazardous Trips — INCLUDES Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation Coverage. This coverage is recommended when students will be participating in remote travel where medical treatment is limited or unavailable. $3.20 per  Day 
Foreign Travel— (includes Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation) $1.30 per  Day 
On the Job Training - Intenships [non compensated], allied health, mechanics, food prep, etc $0.70 per  Week
Physical Ed/Recreation Classes - Aerobics, tennis, dance, theatre, etc $1.30 per  Week
Automotive, Construction, Diesel & Welding Technology $5.15 per Semester
 All participants in any of the Firefighting, Logging and Forestry classes.  $83.25 per   Semester
Flight Training - Students must complete course within 6 months. $80.25 per Class
Mining & Petroleum Training Education programs $376.00 per Course
Alaska Marine Highway Oiler Internship participants while aboard vessel $363.90 per Year


Applying For Coverage

~ NEW ~ Effective April 2, 2018

To request coverage, please go to

The login info is as follows:

Username: travel.enroll

Password: @l@sk@travel

Coverage must begin on or after the date of application.

Student Accident Step 1

Student Accident Step 2

Student Accident Step 3

Student Accident Step 4

Student Accident Step 5

Student Accident Step 6

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The Student Accident Insurance Election/Rejection Form can be used by departments and/or campus risk management, particularly when coverage is being required for high risk activities but a participant is declining the coverage. This form is for department use only. File and retain for future reference.



Amercian International Assistance Services are included in the policy benefits. If assistance is needed while traveling, contact :

Call toll free 1-800-626-2427 within the USA or Canada

Call collect 0-713-267-2525 if you are outside of the USA


Submitting a Claim

For filing a claim click on the link below for a claim form. For a serious injury contact your Campus Risk Manager immediately Campus Risk Contacts

Claims must be submitted within 20 days of the ACCIDENT. Get in the habit of submitting claims immediately to avoid denial of claim.

Complete the form and submit directly to the insurance carrier.  Since claims must be submitted within 20 days of the ACCIDENT, Risk Services recommends that you FAX your claim form and supporting documents to the insurance carrier.  Contact information for the insurance carrier is located on the top left hand corner of the forms.

Student Accident Claim Form


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