System Office of Risk Services

UA Aviation Insurance

General Coverage Information

The University has a variety of aviation exposures including the UAA and UAF Aviation Technology Programs and the Poker Flat Research Range.   Aviation insurance is maintained for these programs and university sponsored charters .

Use of Private Aircraft on UA Business:

With the exception of the university’s aviation schools, piloting of aircraft by employees for university business is not allowed except as specifically approved by the System Office of Risk Services (see University Regulation (05.02.060 3.e.).   Approval is likely to be granted when commercial transportation, including charter aircraft, is not available or research projects require specialized equipment to be installed on aircraft.

Transporting passengers, including other university employees, in employee owned or operated aircraft also requires the prior approval of the System Office of Risk Services. Due to liability issues, transporting non-university employees will rarely be allowed.

Employees authorized to fly on University business are not authorized to conduct any other business for any other interests during that time frame. This includes the hauling of any supplies or freight for others.

Employee pilots continue to be, at all times, subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations governing operation of aircraft.   The aircraft to be used shall not be declared for “Public Use”.  

Employees must agree that the University shall not be liable for any maintenance, repairs, or hull damage incurred during the use of a private aircraft on University business.

Immediate notification must be given to the System Office of Risk Services of all aviation accidents or injuries.

Employees disregarding these regulations will be considered to be functioning outside the course and scope of their employment for any loss reimbursement or liability purposes.   This means that an employee who incurs a loss or a claimed or actual liability as a result of a violation of these regulations will not be entitled to any loss reimbursement or to defense and/or indemnification by the University of Alaska in any action taken against him/her.

To be considered for approved pilot status, university employees must complete the Pilot & Aircraft Request & Agreement to Risk Services. The Pilot & Aircraft Request & Agreement contains the information, criteria, documents and signatures pilots must collect and send to Risk Services. An Agreement must be approved by Risk Services and returned to the employee pilot before private aircraft can be used on university business.

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