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Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame

In October 2015, the Alaska Statewide Committee for Research inducted the initial class to the Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame. Check out the innovators' profiles below.

Alex Hills
Alex Hills
The Wireless Pioneer

Bernie Karl
The Crusader

Elden Johnson
The Design Changer

Greg Walker
The Unmanned Flyer

Jim Seccombe
The Chemical Engineer

Pat Simpson
The Fisherman's Son

Cathy Cahill
The Air Sampler

Clarence Berry
The Stampeder

Erwin "Erv" Long
Preserver of the Permafrost

Gwen Holdmann
The Dog Musher

Keith Echelmeyer
The Glacier Pilot

Sheri Tingey
The Raft Maker

Tim Myers
The Tundra Farmer

Ed Clinton and Lynn Johnson
Inventor in the Garage

Dennis Nottingham
The Bridge Builder

Gene Strid
The Echo Slayer

Jack Hébert
The Homesteader

Mark Gronewald
The Snow Biker

Skip Nelson - The Fighter Pilot
Skip Nelson
The Fighter Pilot

Tom Weingartner/Hank Statscewich
The Power Suppliers

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