Travel Cards

The UA Travel Card program includes two cards:

UA Travel Card  
  • Available to any employee traveling on authorized UA business
  • University billed and paid
  • Pays for all remaining travel expenses
  • Transactions feed directly into the cardholder’s "Available Expenses" in the Concur Expense module (are not movable to another Concur account)
  • Transactions are reconciled by assigned them to and submitting an Expense Report
  • Cards can be suspended or closed if not being used
Travel Agency Card
  • Held by CTM
  • Considered a “ghost” or “lodge” card because the plastic does not exist
  • Pays for airfare and related expenses (e.g. agent fees) booked through the booking tool or directly with CTM; also used by CTM to pay for lodging pay requests
  • Charges feed to "Available Expenses" in the Concur Expense module for the traveler who booked (in most cases, are movable to another Concur account by the Card Administrator)
  • Transactions are reconciled by assigning them to and submitting an Expense Report

Travel Card Applications / Agreements / Forms

Useful Information

Campus Card Applications and Contacts

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