Institutional Research Council

The Institutional Research Council exists to promote and support system-wide capacity for collection and analysis of data to guide decisions that improve success on behalf of the University of Alaska System of higher education, with an emphasis on optimizing resources for the achievement of UAA, UAF, UAS, Statewide, and UA's missions.


Weekly meetings through 9/1/17, meetings held monthly thereafter

7/25/17, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.


Associate Vice President, Institutional Research and Analysis, SW (Chair) Gwen Gruenig
Chief Information Technology Officer, SW Karl Kowalski
Associate Vice Provost, Institutional Research, UAA Erin Holmes
Director, Institutional Research, UAF Ian Olson
Director, Institutional Research, UAS Brad Ewing
Provost, UAS Karen Carey
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UAA Bruce Schultz
Executive Dean, UA College of Education Vacant
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, UAA John Stalvey

Council Documents:

Charter Scorecards and Updates
Council Charter December 2017 Scorecard
  November 2017 Scorecard