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UAF Domain Decommissioning

OIT is finishing up with the decommissioning of the UAF domain. In April 2010 user accounts were moved from the UAF domain to the new UA domain. Following this long transition period OIT will be disabling the remaining UAF domain accounts on May 3, 2013. You will want to begin to routinely use your UA domain account before that date to avoid any loss of access to University computing resources (computers, network printers, and shared drives).

How do I know if I’m using the old UAF domain?

When you log into your workstation do you select UAF as your Domain? If so, you will be affected. In Windows XP, the domain selection pull down menu is located on the logon screen just under User name and Password fields. In Windows 7, you would see “UAF\” before your UA Username.

How will my login change?

The only difference in how you log into your computer will be in the ‘Domain’ that you select, which will now be ‘UA.’  Your username and password will remain the same and is your UA Username and password; the same login you use for Google Apps @ UA, ELMO, and BlackBoard.  

What other UAF domain resources could be setup on my computer?

There could also be a connection to a network printer or shared storage that is using the old UAF domain.

How do I know if that is the case?

If you are logging into your computer with your UAF domain account, there is a good chance that you are using network computing resources (printers and shared drives) that were configured using your UAF domain account.

Why are we disabling user accounts in the UAF domain?

This is one of the last steps in a long process of migrating to a central domain.  OIT moved user accounts from the UAF domain to the UA domain In April of 2010, but continued to sync the accounts while we migrated other UAF domain resources (shared drives, printers, etc.) to the UA domain.

What is the UA Domain

This is a UA System-wide shared domain between the Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau campuses.  The UA domain provides login access to resources such as computer, shared drives, and network printers.  The UA domain allows anyone with an account to login and use resources at any campus in the university system.

Documentation for connecting to computing resources using the UA Domain.

Windows 7

Connect your Windows 7 system that is not on the UA domain to the UAF (FBK) Print Server

Connect your Windows 7 system to a Shared Drive

Mac OS X 

Connect your Mac OS X system to a Networked Printer

Connect your Mac OS X system to a Shared Drive

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