Office of Information Technology

UA Domain

What is the UA Domain?

The UA Domain is a way to manage users, files, computers and printers over campus.  The UA Domain enables you to login to different computers on campus, access file servers, and printers, all using the same username and password.

How to I get a UA Domain account?

Students, Staff, and Faculty automatically have UA Domain accounts created for them. The UA Domain account uses the UA Username and password (set in ELMO) for login credentials.

Guest UA Domain accounts can be requested by a Staff or Faculty Sponsor using a Guest Account Request Form.

How to I get access to a Shared Drive?

Access to a Shared Drive is requested by submitting an Account Request Form to the OIT Support Center. You will need to know the server and folder name (not drive letters) when completing the form.

How can I tell if my computer is in the UA Domain?

You can tell if your computer is in the UA Domain by checking the login screen:

  • At login in Windows 7, Your UA Username will be prefaced with "ua\".
  • At login in Windows XP, below the "User name" and "Password" fields will be "Logon to: UA".

How do I get my computer added to the UA Domain?

Use Self Service, or contact the OIT Support Center to open a ticket for this request.

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