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Known Issues

Blackboard Inc. Is constantly developing new features and integrations. As a result, sometimes bugs will occur where things don't work as they should.  This page contains a list of Known Issues that have been encountered in UA Blackboard Learn and their status.

The latest list of Known Issues from Blackboard for the version of Blackboard currently running at UAF can be downloaded below:

Q2 2017 Known Issues

There is a known issues Google Group for email distribution of new known issues and workarounds or fixes.  Anyone in the domain should be able to go to Groups, search for bblearn to find the list, or go directly to ua-bblearn-known-issues.  From there you can Join the group.

UA-Reported Issues

(9/11/2018) Attempts in Progress not saving properly

(8/28/2018) Collaborate Original sessions cannot be pre-staged with content

(8/28/2018) Collaborate Original sessions fail to launch on macOS when using Zoom

(8/28/2018) Collaborate Original Launcher v1.4 doesn't prompt macOS users to Upgrade

(7/10/2018) Collaborate Ultra Attendees Cannot Be Heard on Firefox ver. 61+ [RESOLVED]

(6/28/2018) Known Issue - Collaborate Ultra: Sessions with # in the title produces a J05 error

(6/28/2018) Error Displayed when Attempting to view a Test Attempt

(6/28/2018) Collaborate Original - Text boxes out of alignment in MP4 conversion

(6/28/2018) Users Unable to Launch Collaborate Original Sessions [Updated]

(6/13/2018) Highlights in Box View not Visible Unless Hovering

(4/9/2018) [Safari on Mac] Failed to submit Assignment. Please try again.

(3/21/2018) LTIs do not Support the Allow iFrame Attribute in Chrome

(2/14/2018) Students and Observers cannot access grades if exempt assignment(s) have quick comments

(2/7/2018) Can't delete topmost announcement

(1/17/2018) Collaborate Original cannot Upload PowerPoint Files on MacOS High Sierra

(1/17/2018) SafeAssign Reports not Generating

(11/9/2017) Course Achievement does not Display Course Name

(10/14/2017) Course Imports Sometimes Change the Course Name

(10/14/2017) Re-Arranging of Course Menu

(10/14/2017) Grade Center – Quick Comment

(10/14/2017) Scrolling/Display Issues

(10/14/2017) Course Navigation Menu Autohides

(10/14/2017) Media Files Autoplay

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