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Clickers (Classroom Response Systems)

What are Clickers?

Clickers (also called "Classroom Response System”, “Audience Response Systems”, “Student Response Systems”, etc), are used primarily to poll or quiz students in a live classroom. Clickers, which are either radio-frequency based devices or cellphone-based apps, give each student the opportunity to answer questions asked by the instructor in real time.

Clickers support teaching and learning in several ways. Live responses:
• help students draw on prior knowledge
• drive classroom discussion
• provide real-time feedback about student comprehension
• bring active learning to the classroom

What's new with Clickers at UAF?

TurningPoint Cloud has been installed in all Smart Classrooms on campus and must be installed on the computer of any instructor using this system. TurningPoint Cloud is now the standard version for clickers supported at UAF.  The functionality of TurningPoint Cloud is very similar to the previous version (TurningPoint 5), with notable improvements, including increased security of session files and restructured student device registration. All faculty and all students must have a “Turning Account” to use TurningPoint Cloud.

Faculty - Getting Started

1. Contact Turning Technologies to request a receiver device. This will need to be plugged into a computer in the classroom where the instructor is conducting polling sessions.

2. Create a Turning Account. First, log in to UAF’s Blackboard Learn and from your course, click on the “Tools” link, and select “Turning Account Registration” and follow the process. Note: You MUST use your UAF email address ( Then select “downloads” from the left menu to download software.

3. Visit the Turning Technologies tutorial video gallery for detailed instructions on getting started with this polling tool.

Faculty Help Guides
• Quick Start Guide

• Turning Point Cloud Transition

• Turning Point Cloud Transition Resources

• Turning Point Cloud Getting Started

• Blackboard 9.1 and Turning Point Cloud

• Syllabus Recommendations

Download TurningPoint 5
(You will need to create a free account with Turning Tecnologies)

Download the documentation (10 mb Zip file)

Self paced training is available on line from Turning Technologies.

Faculty can request one-on-one training by selecting the Request Training button above or by calling 450-8300.



Students - Getting Started

Students should visit the UAF Bookstore to purchase Clickers. Students must also create a Turning Account. To create an account:

  1. Log in to UAF’s Blackboard Learn and from your course, click on the “Tools” link, and select “Turning Account Registration” and follow the process.
  2. Enter UAF email address and click “create account”.
  3. Once account is set up, enter and redeem license code and register response device purchased from the UAF Bookstore.
  4. Bring clicker to class to participate in classroom polling sessions.

Contact or call 907-450-8300 or 1-800-478-8226 for help or more information.

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