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Zoom Implementation

Video Conferencing Services (VCS) is excited to announce its new conferencing platform, Zoom! Zoom is a unified communications tool that combines video conferencing, online meetings, and content sharing with calendar, lecture capture, and Blackboard integrations. Zoom will replace the legacy video conference bridges and web conferencing service, Pexip. To start using Zoom visit 

  • Zoom accounts will be available to students, faculty, and staff beginning mid-July 2019. Communication with link to claim account is forthcoming.
  • Users who already have Zoom accounts will have those accounts migrated into the UA licensing. Paid accounts can be pro-rated.
  • Existing video conferencing classrooms and spaces will continue to work with Zoom
  • Any conferences or classes already scheduled (pre-Zoom) will continue as planned.  Please contact the VCS office if you would like to migrate your conference to the Zoom platform.
  • VCS will retire the current video web-conferencing solution, Pexip, connecting personal devices to codecs on 9/30/19 and the current bridging solution by 1/31/20.

    Zoom Training Information

Implementation Timeframe

July/August 2019 Zoom will be available for students, faculty, and staff. A link to claim your Zoom account using single sign-on (UA username and password) will be sent out at that time. Faculty can find Zoom available within course tools in Blackboard.

September 30, 2019 Pexip, VCS’ current personal device web-conferencing solution will be retired.  All connections through personal devices will then occur through Zoom.

January 13, 2020 All UA video conference courses will use the Zoom platform.

January 31, 2020 Retirement of legacy video conferencing platform.

Documents + Links

Zoom Training Information
Map of Zoom’s meeting interface
Zoom Help Center training pages

List of Conference Room Schedulers:

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